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          Internet Quickies: NEWS
Cop Does Porn

Reina Leone who is a deputy Sheriff was doing porn for Busstop Whores. Very classy name for not so classy activities. She has done other porn shoots and is now under investigation to see if this violates any laws. It is wild that it migth turn out to be no big deal. Your local cops can do porn and it is not illegal. Pretty neat. is owned by Kelly Francisco so maybe Reina Leone is a stage name. Well keep up the good work by keeping perverts inside surfing porn instead of on our streets.

Internet Quickies: NEWS
Mary Beth Decker in Playboy

Mary Beth Decker is in Playboy. Why do we care? Because she is in this seasons new Road Rules and I am a huge freaking fan of Road Rules and Real World. These two shows are basically it for me. If they blast a Saturday and Sunday marathon, I will sit here all goddamn day turning out funny(?) shit and good(yeah!) porn for you guys. Just so you know I am serious here is some good one of Mary Beth Decker. Enjoy.

Internet Quickies: NEWS
Michael Jackson

I sorta hate to pick on the bastard. Yep what he did is dispicable and he should go do sonme long time. You have to agree that living the fucked up way that he does is punishment. Of course he has more $$$ then god and could just choose to be normal but that seems beyond him. So Michael, you now get to rot in jail for just being too stupid to realise you had it good and leaving kids alone.

Internet Quickies: NEWS
Amber Frey

You have to love shit like this. Scott Peterson's wife has been missing since last X-mas and this is the guy who went fishing on x-mas eve at midnight and left his 8 month pregant wife home alone who then disappeared. OOPS. Now this woman comes forward as his girlfriend and immidiately naked pictures come out of the woodwork. Amber Frey's nudy shots are here. I bet Amber is regretting getting naked for whoever that was. Now I love shit like this so I wish all women would get naked at lest once in there life just in case they get famous so we have something to view. You need to scroll down a bit on that link to get to teh Amber Frey part.

Internet Quickies: TV
Play for a Billion

Play for a Billion, is the new show form the WB. Do they think we are fucking morons? Yeah these 1000 people have a great shot at the $1 billion. The WB probably gets as many impressions. That is people channel surfing past as I do. I have 120 channels and I have no idea which one is the WB. So let's assume it is on there and we have 300 million folks out there, 150 million are watching TV and 1/30 (90 of my channels are crap) of those are watching the WB so they are going to pay about $200 per viewer for their game show if someone walks off with the money. An hour show has 23 minutes of advertising or close to that so no way in hell this makes any sense. These "contestents" have as much a chance of winning as I do of becoming the next Pope. Pope Slapass the first signing off.

Internet Quickies: Sports
Mike Tyson

It turns out Mike Tyson is broke and filed for bankruptcy. Big fucking surpirse! It is a freaking shame that this guy trusted Don King and his cronies. How many of us would love to be in his shoes. He was making millions everytime he fought. One fight a year for a few years and 90% of us would never have to work again and this guy gets so taken he is down and out now. Don't tell me he had no idea how money worked etc. Shit just open a bank account and load the crap in there. I bet he had some fun while it lasted. Here is a raised toast to Mike, the ear biter, Tyson. May all of your piles be money...err in your case lets hope no more piles.

Internet Quickies: Advertising
Miller Lite

Who is the brunette in the Miller Lite commercial who fights for less filling or is great taste? Who the fuck cares just rip that shit off show us the goods! Kitana Baker is the babe. This is a link to her site that has the video. Also here is the new one with Pamela Anderson. Pamela joins in to make a very appealing pillow fight. Go Pamela! Knock her out and start ripping suits off is the only way to make this better. Now if they could just make that shit taste good.

Internet Quickies: Internet

EBoogyman is very funny. More funny then me. I noticed this week as I was reading him in the hopes of ripping off a really good joke that he was over the edge. " then kick her in the cunt." This phrase was repeated about 10 times. Hmmm...Even I can see that he needs to get laid by new chick and very soon! So this is shout out to getting eboogyman laid and SOON! Hook 'im up before he writes again. Psst! Dude no worries man the internet has your back on this one.

Internet Quickies: Internet
Pornstar Guru

Now is your chance to be a Pornstar Guru. Buy pornstars and put them to work for you. This is a PC version of pimping. The more pornstars working for you the more $$$ you make and closer to true Guruhood you get.

Sarah Kozar in Playboy

Sarah from Joe Milliare is now nude in Playboy. Sweet as hell looking babe but the best part is she says she was not interested in Joe. She should win an acadamy award then since it looked like she was blowing him in the woods and was all over the guy in the hot tub.
Get naked and show your stuff and I don' care what she says so check it out. Well worth the look.

Baghdad Bob

Iraq Humor Web Site Gets Too Popular
By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer
A Web site that pokes fun at Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s minister of information became such a global hit that its operators had to temporarily pull the plug Friday as they scrambled for more powerful computers.
To help pay for the upgrades, the site will sell T-shirts, mugs and barbecue aprons featuring choice quotes from Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, who maintained with a straight face that Iraqi troops were routing the Americans even as U.S. tanks busted through Baghdad.

The site,, features quotes as well as obviously doctored photos showing al-Sahhaf boasting of the Confederacy's successes during the Civil War and Darth Vader's victories in the "Star Wars" movies.

"My feelings as usual we will slaughter them all," reads one quote from al-Sahhaf from two days before Baghdad fell.

Until he disappeared Tuesday, al-Sahhaf was the colorful face of Saddam's regime. Some Arabs, getting a kick out of how al-Sahhaf ridicules President Bush (news - web sites) and British Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites), even called his daily news conferences "the "al-Sahhaf show."

In the United States, Conn Nugent and his friends got a kick out of the comments, too, and decided to create the Web site Tuesday.

The site, Nugent said, was meant as a private joke.

"We didn't advertise it at all," he said. "We just sent it to our friends."

Within hours, someone at the Pentagon (news web sites) got wind of it, and soon word spread to journalists, Nugent said. By Friday, many Web journals, called blogs, referred to the site. Internet users also circulated e-mail telling friends to check it out.

Nugent said the group's contract with its Web host called for a limit of 2,000 hits a month but the site was getting 4,000 per second, putting other businesses sharing that host in jeopardy. The group looked for more powerful servers and decided to shut down after crashing four.

It's not the first time a site got too popular.

One blog, "Live From the Sandbox," had to switch servers and domain names soon after the war began. Another, ostensibly written from Baghdad, was upgraded for free by its hosts.

In this case, Nugent and his pals will essentially be paying for their successes in Internet spontaneity. Technicians were working Friday to find and pay for a Web hosting computer powerful enough to handle the worldwide traffic.

"It's worth it," said Nugent, who runs an environmentalist foundation in New York. "How else are we going to have fun in this world?"

Internet Quickies: Medicine
Way to go kid!

Children's hospital patient, 15, hired a prostitute
Police are investigating after a 15-year-old boy hired a prostitute while he was a patient in a children's hospital.
An employee of the University of Michigan CS Mott Children's Hospital called in police after hearing the boy negotiate a fee with the girl.
Capt. Joe Piersante said police were investigating possible charges of statutory rape or soliciting sex.
"It's a bizarre tale," he told Ann Arbor News. "I've never heard anything exactly like this before."
Authorities believe the boy phoned an escort service and asked for a girl to come to the hospital where they had sex.
Police don't believe the prostitute knew the boy was only 15 but want to track her down. She could still be charged with criminal sexual conduct.
Police would not release information on the boy's medical condition, citing patient confidentiality laws.
Kara Gavin, a university hospital spokeswoman, said hospital staff members were cooperating with police.
"We have extensive security here, especially for infants and young children," she said.
"Teenagers and younger adults obviously can have visitors and use the phone, and we're always trying to
strike a balance. We expect everyone - staff and patients - to uphold the law while they're here."

Internet Quickies: Internet
Stile Project Sold!

The "big rumor" is that the Stile Project has sold to a large TGP owner. I first saw it on the GFY board and later Sherm of Sherm's Shack confirmed it on Crazyfuckedupshit. Stile Project is the biggest E/N site which means it is devoted to everything and nothing. He has been in Playboy for posting a mpeg of kittens being killed in Asia. He is known for gross shit and porn. Yep I am obviously a smaller version or would like to be considered that way. Stile has brought us some great shit and I hope they keep it real over there.

Internet Quickies: Sports
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

The sports illustrated swimsuit issue is out and they have done that painted on suit thing again. Yeah Baaaby! The online issue seems a little short on the great shots but scanitly clad supermodels is always a good thing.

Internet Quickies: Web

The German domain registery that was holding their domain decided it was illegal to do such under german law and simply closed the domain. What a bunch of crap! You are comfortable with it for months or years or whatever and suddenly it needs to be closed down immidiately? They could have asked him to move and explained the situation. The good new is Ogrish is back up and running on a host that values free speech. Go check out the really twisted shit that is of course available in the good old USA.

Internet Quickies: TV
Sarah from "Joe Millionaire"

One of three women finalists on the hit Fox reality show "Joe Millionaire" has starred under another name in dozens of bondage and fetish films, a Web site reported on Wednesday.
Sarah Kozer has appeared -- often bound and gagged but fully clothed -- in such movies as "Hogtied" and "Helpless Heroines" under the stage name "Cindy Schubert," according to The Smoking Gun (
In pictures on the Web site Kozer is seen bound and gagged in various poses, in some cases dressed as a cheerleader or nurse. In other photos she is seen tying up men.
Kozer, 29, could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for Fox, which describes her occupation as "sales and design" on the show's Web site, said only, "We do not comment on the personal lives of our reality show contestants."
In "Joe Millionaire," 20 women compete for the affections of a 28-year-old construction worker, Evan Marriott, who poses as the heir to a $50 million fortune. They learn of the dupe at the end of the show.
The program, which was secretly taped in France late last year, has drawn unexpectedly high ratings for Fox on Monday night.

Here is the site she posed for, Men in bondage. No nudity which sucks as Sarah is a babe. And now we know she is kinky. Better yet.

Internet Quickies: Movies
Super Sucker

This movie sucks shit. It is only being released in the midwest and now I know why. The son of a bitch who made it, Jeff Daniels does not want anyone in Hollywood to see it and wreak his shitty movie career. Ok, yeah I like some Jeff Danils stuff otherwise I would not have seen it but this is so bad it is unreal. Maybe if you rent the video and get really drunk with a big group it would be fun to just rip on it but otherwise skip this sucker.

Internet Quickies: Internet
Give Schlong

This speaks for itself:"I made this site because I have been considering purchasing a prosthetic dick enhancer from the back of a skin magazine for many years and would like support getting there. I do just fine with fruits and vegetables or a couple pairs of socks stuck down the jeans (Cukes and Bananas mostly), but I think plastic porn star replica penises look nice, and I think a lot of other people do too. Also smashed banana is difficult to wash out of boxer shorts.

"However, everyone I talk to tells me NOT to buy the the dong (best friend, priest, etc..). After a lot of arguing with my mom, she finally told me that it would be expensive and not worth it.

"That's when I figured I would let the world decide. If somebody likes overstuffed underpants, they will add a tiny amount to my cock fund. If they do not, they will leave and my dick fund will stay limp. If the shlong fund ever reaches $47.53 (the current going rate for a decent semi realistic flesh toned one), then I will have proof that the world loves big fake dicks ,and I will send away and gain over 9 rock hard inches in just three weeks.. And nobody will be able to say that I wasted money or that nobody thinks bigger trouser trouts, even phony ones are better! The length of my dork is in your hands!"

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