Slapass Journal Archives - The best and worst of Slapass!

These are archives of all the stuff that has gone through the front page.
Some funny, some sucks shit but I kept it all. It is broken up by the blog name. So enjoy.

Ho ho hoes! - Merry fuck mas
Lesbians - always a good time
Tushy Licking - or ass frenching
Britney SPears Topless Finally!!!!
First Date - The hottest date
Arnold for Goevenor? - How dumb is this?
Paris Hilton SEX Tape - Yep here it is
Sharing - date sharing
Sera Fox - new hot babe
Lesbian First Timers - don't look
Paris Hilton Part Deux revisted
Google Broke? - it wasn't me
J-Lo and Ben - Who knew?
Fatties - Big pussy source
Supermodels? - where did they go?
Teens For Cash - What is this again...
Sexy smokers - Naked chciks is always good
Asshole Pickup - not about trucks
Music Fucking - Kazaa on the ropes
Nipples - Puffy, pokies nd more
Sexual Harassment - You've been there
Wet T-shirt Contest - Let's got there
Rachels Revenge - More long legs
Fucked Up - This sucked
Porn Movies, Clips and Vids - some clips and stuff
Toys for Twats give until it hurts
The Kid Rocks And pamela Anderson
A Keeper w capt stabbin Mostly true even
Angelina Jolie Yeah baaaby!
Lightning Pornstar interview
Group Sex A guide to
Ex- E/N site or Porn site Well??
Strippers! Always good
Sweet Georgia She is now a pornstar
Big Brother TV Great pics
Men are Dogs You knew this
Oops pictures Worth a peak
Date also Mikes Apt Bad deal
Fake Tits I love them
Christina Aguilera's Pierced Nipples Video link too
Tranny Surprise Horrible deal
Free Porn Mags Great deal!
Naughty at Home Love the legs
What the Fuck? Lawyers suck
Threesome The national b-day present
Getting Pussy A how to or not
Off Limits the n word
Valentines Cheap Save the cash
Could you be a pornstar? Got Wood?
Babes with Babes Nullifying the kid
Ass Rodeo Celeb vidoes
Swapping Ass Trading up not down
Saving up your cum for big dates
US = Fat? YES
Got Game? Here is how
Blame Rio It fucking rocks!
Celeb Nudity Why do they do it?
Why do we date? Or why do I?
Florida Trip Sucked shit
Cam Girl-Sinz another hottie
Girl Fucks Guy hmmm...
Shania Twain Fucking hot
Sex not getting it
Pokies worth a poke
Reality TV no limit
Spring Break the right way
Playboy and Starbucks fuck them
Britney's Ass Justine was a fool
Fuck Fur and pussy
Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads your choice
Big Cock Sex do you get it?
Serious Fucking Shit Nice AIM
Fuck Buddies The best
MILF's Not that old
Katie Holmes Get naked now!
S/M Slap ass!
Ugly Ass Porn No more!
Converting Lesbians Win a toaster
Weapons of mass destruction Playboy style
Britney Spears Tits not off limits
College Fuck Fest How it should be
Juoppo Jarmon Finnish porn
Mariah Carey Upskirt I almost was there

If you find anything offensive or irritiating,
then cool as that was pretty much what I was going for.